WhatsApp will give more power to group administrators, permission to delete messages will be given, fake news will be banned

WhatsApp will give more power to group administrators, permission to delete messages will be given, fake news will be banned


WhatsApp will allow group administrators to delete messages from anyone.
This feature has been implemented for some evaluators.
Through this function, the administrator will be able to control the activities of the group.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world. It has become an integral part of our life. Groups created on WhatsApp connect families, friends and co-workers from all over the world. WhatsApp groups are commonly used to share images, audios, videos, and text messages, but what if fake news and misinformation continue to circulate regularly in WhatsApp groups?

To deal with this problem, WhatsApp introduces a new feature, which can be a great way to deal with unnecessary group messages. Supposedly, an upcoming WhatsApp feature could allow all group members to delete messages. This feature has been detected by WABetaInfo in WhatsApp Beta v2.22.17.12.

According to a screenshot from WABetainfo, if you’re the admin of a group, you’ll see an option to delete messages from anyone in your group. This feature is believed to have been implemented for some testers and will be implemented for the stable release soon.

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Admin will get more power
All members of the group will be able to see that the administrator has deleted the message. This feature can be very useful for monitoring activity in a group. With this feature, the administrator can also be held accountable in case of serious problems. The administrator will have more power to control the content that is shared in the WhatsApp Group.

It will help prevent the spread of misinformation.
This feature will prevent the spread of misinformation through the messaging platform. WhatsApp’s upcoming feature is a good start. Although admins are not fact-checkers and can eliminate this problem altogether, they can at least stop bulking and sharing fake news in their groups.

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Experiment with limited users
Whatsapp is experimenting with this feature with limited users. In addition to this, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature called Saved Messages. This feature will allow you to keep the disappearing message by turning it into a standard message.

Admin can only delete your message
Currently, an admin can only delete messages created for themselves, such as all group members. WhatsApp users can also delete a message only if they have sent it themselves. In such a situation, sometimes a message creates a problem, because all the members of the group see it and the admin cannot delete it.

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