What are the benefits of installing a base under a washing machine? What to look for before buying?

What are the benefits of installing a base under a washing machine?  What to look for before buying?


Even after washing clothes in the washing machine, some people suffer from back pain.
Due to the base under the washing machine, the laundry does not have to be folded much.
There are many benefits to installing a base under the machine. This makes washing easier.

New Delhi: Washing machines have given a great relief to people in the matter of laundry. Previously, this used to be a big weekend chore, but with the advent of the machine, it can be done alongside any other job. Despite this relief, some people experience back pain after washing clothes in the washing machine. The reason for this may be the low height of the machine. For this reason, people often put a foundation under the machine.

The pedestal or base attaches to the bottom of the washer to raise it off the floor. This platform raises your washing machine, so you don’t have to bend down while removing or putting on clothes, but how do you know if the washing machine base is good for you?

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First of all know the advantages of installing a pedestal on the machine
Make washing easy: What good if you don’t have to bend down to get the clothes out of the washing machine? The pedestal prevents it from bending at the wrong angle. It helps in the easy handling and washing of clothes. According to a study, about 60% of women suffer from back pain due to laundry. A good, sturdy washing machine base can save you from this pain.

Convenience of more storage space: If you’re having trouble keeping things on the washer lid, then the pedestal can help. You can keep your detergent and other things safe under this base.

Negative points of the pedestal
Expensive: If they are seen, all good and strong things cost more. That is why the washing machine pedestal is also expensive. The cheap base cannot support the weight of your machine and is prone to breaking. In such a situation, to get a good foundation, the pocket needs to be lightened more.

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One size fits all is not possible: Since pedestals generally come in different sizes, you should be careful when purchasing a pedestal as it may not be the size of your washing machine. People often complain that after buying the pedestal, it didn’t fit the machine. Remember that if your washer and pedestal are not positioned correctly, the machine will spin and vibrate. This can also lead to breakage of the foundation.

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