Trick to get confirmed tatkal train ticket in Rakshabandhan few people know about this process

Trick to get confirmed tatkal train ticket in Rakshabandhan few people know about this process

Thousands of people travel on Indian Railways every day and the number almost doubles at festivals, so it is always very difficult to get a confirmed ticket on the train. To overcome this passenger problem, Railways has launched the Tatkal ticket facility, through which people get a confirmed ticket 24 hours before the start of the journey. At the same time, many people also turn to agents to book tickets, who charge them a lot of money.

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But today we will tell you about such a trick, following which you can easily get the Tatkal ticket. This is the IRCTC master list feature. Please be informed that AC class reservation starts at 10am and Tatkal reservation for Sleeper class starts at 11am. In such situation, you can make train ticket reservation through master list function. Let us know about this feature and how to use this cheat:

Quickly Book Confirm Tickets Using These Tricks
Internet speed is good: In the rush to book tickets in advance, we forget if the Internet speed is reaching where you are present or not. So, first of all, check that your device has a good internet speed.

1. Consider the moment
To book Tatkal tickets, it is necessary to be online at the right time. AC Tatkal ticket booking time is 10 AM, so please note that you need to log in before 9.58. Booking time for Tatkal tickets in Sleeper class is 11:00 AM. So he logs in at 10:58. You need to prepare the master list before the counter opens immediately after login.

2. What is the Master List feature?
This feature is very useful to book Tatkal tickets easily. IRCTC has added a new feature to help passengers called the Master List feature. Through this feature, passenger details are filled in in advance. After this, during the reservation, you do not take the time to fill in the passenger data and you can book by paying as soon as possible. Using this makes the Tatkal reservation process very easy.

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How the master list feature works
> For this, first go to the official IRCTC website.
In this, go to My Account and select My Profile option.
> Then select the Add/Modify Master List option.
> Then enter the details like name, gender, bunk, etc. passenger and click the Submit button.
> After this your master list should be made.
> During booking, click on My Passenger List.
> After this, you will be able to book Tatkal tickets easily by paying.

The master list is very useful for you. If you have already entered the necessary details in the master list, then you do not have to do anything when booking the ticket. After clicking on the name, the issued details will appear below. Clicking on it will fill in the details automatically. Your time will be saved.




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