The UIDAI Bug Bounty program will select the top 20 ethical hackers to find bugs in the Aadhaar databases

The UIDAI Bug Bounty program will select the top 20 ethical hackers to find bugs in the Aadhaar databases

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has announced a bug bounty program to address bugs and vulnerabilities in Aadhaar and its database. As part of the bug bounty program, the organization will select the top 20 ethical hackers for the job, who will be given access to UIDAI’s Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR), which contains Aadhaar data for more than 1.32 billion Indians.

UIDAI, in a circular announcing its bug bounty program, says: “UIDAI continues to take strategic security initiatives to strengthen its security infrastructure critical to the secure delivery of Aadhaar services. Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR) of UIDAI In its effort to protect Aadhaar data hosted in the US, UIDAI intends to conduct a ‘Bug Bounty’ program with responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities.”

Who can apply to be part of the UIDAI Bug Bounty program?
According to the details shared by UIDAI, the candidate applying to be part of the organization’s bug bounty program must be an individual or a group of individuals who do not represent or are associated with any organization. The candidate must be an Indian resident with a valid Aadhaar number. “The candidate is responsible for reviewing their employer’s rules for participating in the program and must not have any conflict of interest with the UIDAI,” the UIDAI wrote in the circular.

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The organization also stated that the candidate applying to be part of this program must not be a ‘current or former employee of UIDAI or one of its contracted technology support and audit organizations within the last seven years’. In addition, the candidate must, according to UIDAI, be “included in the top 100 of bug bounty leaderboards such as HackerOne, BugCrowd or in bounty programs run by reputable companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Apple.” Candidate must be active in the community or bug bounty programs and must have received a valid bug or bounty within the past year.

How can I apply for this program?
UIDAI said that interested people can send their applications to participate in the program at [email protected] The organization will select the 20 best ethical hackers, who will be granted the necessary access to detect vulnerabilities in the Aadhaar database.



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