Somewhere you are also not using a fake iPhone, how to identify the fake and the real one

Somewhere you are also not using a fake iPhone, how to identify the fake and the real one


It is quite easy to check if the iPhone is fake or real.
Checking the IMEI number of the iPhone can detect a fake.
It can also be checked by checking the operating system of the iPhone.

Apple tips and tricks: Apple iPhone is the choice of most people, and due to the high price, we look forward to any sale, offer or deal. But imagine you bought the latest iPhone 13 from an online store only to find out later that it is a fake iPhone. Yes, it can happen, and in recent years many cases have come to light. In such a situation, the idea arises how to identify the real iPhone and the fake one. So let us tell you some ways…

Check the IMEI number: All iPhone models have an IMEI number. The easiest way to find out if your iPhone is genuine or fake is by using the IMEI number.

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Step 1- To find out the phone’s IMEI number, first go to Settings.

Step 2-Now click on General.

Step 3 – After this, tap on the About option.

Step 4 – Now scroll down to see the IMEI number.

Step 5 – If there is no IMEI or serial number listed here, there is a strong possibility that your iPhone model is fake.

check operating system
iPhone runs on iOS, which is Apple’s phone operating system and is quite different from Android. So you can also check the operating system of your iPhone.

To check the operating system on your iPhone, first go to the Settings menu.

After that go to software tab.

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iOS equipped iPhone comes with many native apps like Safari, Health, iMovie, this will let you know if your iPhone is fake or real.

If an iPhone is a fake, there will also be a difference in design. In such a situation, note the location of the camera notch, button, and lock button.

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