How To Avoid Paying e-Challan By Canceling Wrong Challan Online Know Refund Process – Hindi Tech News

How To Avoid Paying e-Challan By Canceling Wrong Challan Online Know Refund Process – Hindi Tech News

If you drive a motorcycle or a car, then reading this news can be very beneficial for you. Actually, today we are going to tell you some things related to traffic challan, so that you can avoid loss due to wrong challan. Nowadays, the traffic police do not stop those who break the traffic rules, but directly take photos. In such a situation, many people complain that they have been wrongly challenged without having broken any traffic rules. In such a situation, they often have to fill out the challan out of obligation. Let us tell you that if your wrong challan is discounted, then you can avoid it without paying the fine.

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We are going to tell you one way you can complain about a wrong challan. For this, you can take the help of email and social media. So let’s learn about some special ways you can easily avoid billing and also save money.

How to claim if an incorrect challan is deducted?
> If you think the traffic police have deducted your wrong challan, you can complain to the relevant senior officer, such as traffic commissioner and SP transit. People living in Delhi can email [email protected] for this.

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> You can make a written complaint and give proof that the challan is wrong. If the test you have been given is correct, your challan will be returned to you. Even if there is no proof, you can still make your point to them. If they find out your challan is wrong, they will cancel it.

> You can also complain about wrong challan with the help of social media. It’s been nice complaining on Twitter. From here the chances of acting immediately are greater.

> You can also register your complaint on the phone number. If you wish, you can report directly to the traffic police at 011-2584-4444.1095.



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