Helpful: Slow internet speed has been messed up, so make small changes to APN settings

Helpful: Slow internet speed has been messed up, so make small changes to APN settings
  • Reflexes
  • Slow internet speed is not connected with network coverage at all times.
  • Internet speed is also reduced due to alterations in the phone’s APN settings.
  • The APN set speed can be increased.

New Delhi. Jio provides high-speed data to its users, but there are times when we have to face slow internet speed. However, slow Internet connection speed is not always due to network coverage. Sometimes high speed internet works at low speed due to faulty APN settings on the phone.

If you are also unable to enjoy high-speed Internet despite the full network, then the reason for this may also be the access point. In the absence of the correct access point, high-speed Internet cannot work on the phone. So today we are going to tell you an easy way to set up the correct access point for Jio number on phone, so that the stress of your slow internet speed will be gone forever.

If your phone’s internet speed is slow due to APN setting failure, then Jio gives you the option to set it as default. Other than this, users can also set a new Jio point manually if they want.

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Default APN Settings
To set up a Jio hotspot on an Android device, first of all, go to the Settings of your Android phone and tap on the Mobile Networks option. After this, click on the Jio SIM slot and then go to Access Point Names. Here tap reset and reset Jio APN to default settings.

How to configure APN?
On Android smartphones, you have the ability to set a new APN. For this, you need to click on the mobile network option provided in settings and then go to Access Point Names or tap on Add New here, and now enter JioNet instead of Name and APN and OK. With these little tweaks, your phone slowness issue will be fixed.

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