Flipkart launches Pocket FM, will offer audiobooks to 400 million people

Flipkart launches Pocket FM, will offer audiobooks to 400 million people


Flipkart has started Pocket FM service.
The company will offer audiobooks to 400 million people.
One in four users use audio content.

New Delhi. Indian e-commerce company Flipkart has added a new vertical for audiobooks. Along with this, the company has started the Indian audio streaming service Pocket FM to offer audiobooks, audio stories and podcasts on its platform.

With this, Walmart-backed Flipkart will be on a par with its biggest rival, Amazon, in India. Currently, Amazon Audio is one of the leading companies in the field of streaming content. The company said in a statement that Flipkart has more than 400 million customers in India, who can now access Pocket FM Audio through the Flipkart e-commerce app. However, Pocket FM will continue to function as a stand-alone service.

Users will get a unique link

Users will be able to access Pocket FM’s library of pre-recorded audiobooks, audio stories and podcasts through a subsection in the Flipkart app and a unique link will be sent to their email upon purchase of any content. Buyers can use the same link to claim their purchases on Pocket FM.

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Focus on new workspaces

The move comes ahead of Flipkart’s planned initial public offering (IPO) in the US in 2023. According to a report by The Economic Times, Flipkart is targeting new verticals for its business. This includes online health service and travel booking.

The company wants to strengthen the online business

It was previously reported that Flipkart is also planning to restructure its refurbished device business ahead of its IPO and streaming audio content is part of it. Su Lava Flipkart also wants to strengthen its offline retail business in India.

Demand for audio content increased

The company has also taken this step because the demand for audio content is continuously increasing. In this regard, Dhruv Vaidya, Head of Podcasts at Spotify India, said that the demand for podcasts has increased in India. He said that one in four users in the country have been found to be using audio content.

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