Do you want to send a message in Hindi? Write Hindi on mobile with these easy ways

Do you want to send a message in Hindi?  Write Hindi on mobile with these easy ways


Hindi keyboard is the most popular on Google Play Store.
Hindi typing can be done easily on android phone.
There are many apps available for writing Hindi on the Google Play Store.

New Delhi: Typing Hindi on mobile has become easy now. Due to the increasing popularity of the Hindi language, IT and software companies offer different types of keyboard options on mobile devices. If you also want to send messages in Hindi on mobile, then with the help of some easy methods, you can do it. Until now, I used to take the help of Hindi typing keyboard on the internet. However, there is much difficulty in this type of writing technique.

That is why we have told you about the options of some special keyboard apps, with the help of which you can easily send messages in Hindi. Also know some Hindi keyboards used for Android OS.

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easy way to write in hindi
1. To send a message in Hindi, first go to the Google Play Store. Here you can download Google Indic keyboard app.
2. After downloading, go to phone settings and select the Language and input option.
3. Here instead of the keyboard you are using, choose the option of Choose keyboard.
4. Now tap on the Indic keyboard option you downloaded.
5. It can make it easier to write Hindi on the phone.

Know some other Hindi typing apps:

typing hindi keyboard
This Hindi keyboard is becoming more popular on Google Play Store. This helps to type with voice in Hindi. Through this, you can convert words to Hindi language by writing them in English.

Indian Sparsh keyboard Indian Sparsh keyboard is specially designed for Android devices. Apart from Hindi, this touch screen keyboard also supports Tamil and Kannada. It is popular due to its ease of use. You can change languages ​​in a single slide.

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brahmi hindi keyboard
Typing with Brahmi Hindi keyboard is the easiest and fastest way for people who know Hindi language. If you know the alphabet then with the help of this keyboard you can write Hindi text messages instantly on your android phone.

hindi manuscript
This Hindi keyboard app helps you to type Hindi on your android phone. You can send messages, email, WhatsApp, browser, notes, etc. in Hindi with the help of Manulip Hindi keyboard. This keyboard is very simple and uses Hindi alphabet.

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