Are you using a big fake WhatsApp danger? Do It Right Away – Hindi Tech News

Are you using a big fake WhatsApp danger?  Do It Right Away – Hindi Tech News

The WhatsApp instant messaging app has become one of the most used apps around the world for texting, calling, video calling, and more. Its growing popularity has made it an attractive platform for cybercriminals. Recently a fake WhatsApp app appeared on the internet and it is misleading users as it is loaded with malware so downloading this app can be very dangerous for you.

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This app allows hackers to hack user accounts and steal their information. WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart warned users against this fake WhatsApp app that can cause serious damage to users’ phone data. He tweeted that our security team recently found hidden malware inside apps from a developer called HeyMods. The developer prepares a series of apps and one of them is called Hey WhatsApp.

In a series of tweets, Cathcart explained how this fake WhatsApp promised new features to entice users and steal their personal information from their phones. He said that these apps are usually downloaded through third-party sources.

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To protect yourself from this attack involving WhatsApp, only install apps from authorized sources, such as the official Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. He wrote that if you see friends or family using a different way of WhatsApp, please allow them to use WhatsApp only from a trusted app store or directly from our official website at encourage them.



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